"Flesh Monster Deluxe Latex Feet" Halloween Costume Shoes

"Flesh Monster Deluxe Latex Feet" Halloween Costume Shoes

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As you set up your campground, you notice some strange foot prints in the ground. It's rapidly getting dark, and you quickly forget these odd markings as you rush to erect your tent. Later, as you're drifting in and out of sleep, you hear a twig snap in the distance. At once, you remember the massive prints, and are filled with a sense of dread. What is out there, and is it coming for you?

Put the finishing touches on an amazing Halloween costume with Flesh Monster deluxe latex feet from The Horror Dome. These one size fits most adults designs slide over your shoes, and offer an intricately detailed, realistic appearance. With pale, moldy skin pulled tightly against the bones of the foot, and vicious-looking black point toe nails, these cinema-quality costume accessories are must-have items if you're serious about your look.

Freak out guests at your haunted house, give trick or treaters the fright of their lives, or turn heads at the costume party with durable, hand painted latex monster feet. Put your best, most beastly, foot forward with these amazing designs.