"Flesh Eater Zombie" Halloween Costume

"Flesh Eater Zombie" Costume

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Deep in these woods, there is a portal to the netherworld. Rumor has it, if you're brave enough, you can sneak in, find a loved one who perished too soon, and pull them back into the land of the living. Of course, you must trick, avoid, or fight the Fearsome Face to gain entry. Should you be captured, you'll be eaten alive, or simply tossed through the portal, where your soul will languish for eternity.

The Fearsome Face Skull Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is unique, original design. Made from premium latex, and hand painted and detailed by talented artists, this freaky mask will turn heads at the next costume party. Fearsome Face features a skeleton-like mug, complete with ferocious, razor sharp fangs, a black mesh eye cover for a dead and vacant look, and Predator-style dreadlocks.

Add a bone chilling new fright to your haunted house or spooky hayride, horrify trick or treaters as they approach your porch on Halloween, or cut a rug at the masquerade ball. Simply add a robe, cloak, or tattered clothing, and you'll have the perfect look for a night of mischief.

Includes: Deluxe Flesh Eater Mask, Zombie Hands, Gore Chest with Ribs and Organs Exposed. Shirt not included.