"Flame Light" Hanging Halloween Decoration

"Flame Light" Hanging Halloween Decoration

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What lies just beyond your field of vision is often more scary than anything you can clearly see. Vague forms seem to saunter off in the distance. Is it a patrol of orc soldiers, an undead army, a wicked warlock and his minions? In this dank dungeon, the only thing illuminating your way is the occasional Hanging Flame lights. By their flickering glow, you reach for your sword and prepare for battle.

The Hanging Flame light Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a fantastic prop that looks just like a real flame lamp. It's perfect for adding a spooky touch to any medieval castle, underground dungeon, or vampire mansion scene. 

Great decoration for your haunted scene! Flame light has built-in fan and two sets of LED bulbs to create a realistic-looking fire. Metal chains support plastic base and had ring at top of hang light to adjust chains and easy display. Hanging Flame comes AC adapter and usage directions. Do not display or use in wet or adverse conditions. Measures 18 inches x 4 inches x 8 inches.

Place two of these designs on your porch and illuminate the way for frightened trick or treaters. Put up a few in your living room, and get your pad in the Halloween spirit in time for haunted cocktail hour, or that raging costume party. When details make the difference, choose high quality props, like the Hanging Flame lamp from The Horror Dome.

Looks just like a real flaming bowl. Great accent for a haunted house or your next party. 8 inch bowl.