"Face Ripper" Goat Man Halloween Mask

"Face Ripper" Mask

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While government scientists were working on a biological agent designed to wipe out the enemies livestock, they made a critical mistake. When exposed to this unholy virus, normal friendly farm goats morphed into the ferocious Face Ripper. After a massive extermination campaign, all the infected beasts were accounted for... except one.

The Face Ripper Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a hand painted original design that will help you craft an unforgettable character. A full, over the head mask, you'll have a professional, Hollywood-quality, seamless look when you wear this design with a jacket or shirt. Highly detailed for maximum realism, it will make a striking character for your haunted house, especially if you have a scene that depicts genetic testing gone awry, or demonic human/animal hybrids.

The Face Ripper features pale skin and a white mane. Long spiky teeth and a menacing mouth make it easy to see how this fellow earned his name. Create a bone-chilling Halloween costume and terrorize the neighbors as a murderous beast, or turn heads at the masquerade ball with friends as a barnyard gone bad.