"Executioner" Latex Halloween Mask

"Executioner" Mask

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It's an ugly job, but someone's got to do it, right? This demonic Executioner seems to enjoy his gig a little too much. It makes you wonder if his victims are really guilty of any crime, or if he just likes watching the guillotine blade slice down on their helpless necks. Part of you starts to wonder if you're next in line.

The Executioner mask from The Horror Dome is a premium latex design that will fit most adults. Hand painted for maximum detail and realism, this incredible mask will send shivers down the spines on any trick or treaters who dare approach your porch this Halloween. With a classic medieval executioner's hood, menacing nostril holes, and a mouth full of ultra-sharp teeth, this look won't soon be forgotten.

Add a black cape or shroud and carry a bloody axe prop. You'll look like you've just clocked out from a long shift decapitating criminals. An amazing costume for any party, ball, or spooky night out, the Executioner is sure to be a hit. Discover a grim and brutish character today.