"Evil Vampire" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Evil Vampire" Costume (Adult Size)

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Cover the front door in crosses and garlic and make sure you're safe from the Evil Vampire. Stricken by an ancient affliction, this insatiable imp stalks the town in search of a fresh meal. From drunks who stumble out of bars late at night, to children who slumber with their bedroom windows unlocked, this vicious vamp doesn't discriminate. Most of the time, he just takes a little drink, leaving his victim dazed, but able to recover. Sometimes when he's really thirsty though, he'll suck every last drop out of his prey and leave them for dead.

Spread fright through your neighborhood this Halloween with the Evil Vampire costume from The Horror Dome. This full costume set features a long vampire robe, a classic Dracula-style collar, and a chinless face mask that will obscure your identity without making it difficult to eat or drink. Add a pair of Vampire teeth, dark pants and black boots to round out your outfit.

Trick or treat with the family, entertain guests at your Halloween party, or take a few choice selfies and retire to the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and your favorite monster movie.

Standard size fits most 42-46.