"Evil Dead 2 - Pee Wee" Movie Halloween Mask

"Evil Dead 2 - Pee Wee" Mask

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Henrietta was proud of her husband's big discovery, but little did she know the trouble it would cause. When he brought home the Book of the Dead, everything began to change. Soon Henrietta was infected and became a bloodthirsty deadite herself. Able to take many forms, she's on a quest for violence and death. Behold her creepiest form, that of the buck-toothed Pee Wee monster.

Fans of the classic zombie flick will love the Evil Dead 2 Pee Wee Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. A premium, over the head latex design, this mask is hand detailed and painted for shocking realism. Whether you're creating a freaky costume for scaring the wits out of the local trick or treaters, or adding a new piece to your collection of macabre merchandise, this mask won't disappoint. Pee Wee has white, dead eyes, wiry blonde hair, angular cheek bones that seem ready to pop out of her decaying skin, and large teeth, ready to take a chomp out of her next victim. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or team up with friends and go as the complete cast of the Evil Dead movies. The choice is up to you.

One size fits most adults.