"Evil Dead 2 - Ash" Movie Halloween Mask

"Evil Dead 2 - Ash" Mask

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Create a fantastic costume for trick or treating this year with the Evil Dead 2 Ash Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. Whether you're a diehard fan of the Evil Dead movies, or simply a fan of the undead, you'll find this professional-quality over the head latex design gives you a freakish and terrifying look. Scare the wits out of your neighbors, creep out local candy hunters, and get high fives from fellow fans at the costume party with this instantly recognizable mask. Though Ash is soon released from "deadite" form, while he's a zombie, he's a force to be reckoned with.

This scary design features piercing white pupil-less eyes in sunken sockets. Skin that's beginning to decay, jet black hair, and a ferocious mouth. Worn with a shirt, this mask will give you a seamless look. Team up with friends and haunt the neighborhood dressed as Evil Dead characters, or add a room of classic movie zombies to your haunted house attraction. These hand detailed designs also make a wonderful addition to any collection of macabre merchandise or Hollywood memorabilia. Bring home a familiar undead face today.