"Evil Clownin' Around" Halloween Costume

"Evil Clownin' Around" Costume

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On a dark and stormy night this unlucky bozo's clown car collided with a tanker truck carrying toxic waste. The driver of the truck, as well as several clowns, were all instantly killed. However, one of the clown's bodies was never accounted for. It seems a shifty jokester snuck off into the night. Hazardous chemicals soaked into his pores and caused him to mutate. Driven by a lust for revenge, he's hell bent on murdering as many humans as he can find.

Freak out the local trick or treaters this year with the ghastly Clownin' Around Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This full-body set comes with a terrifying over the head, pro-quality latex mask. Hand detailed for maximum fright, it features a main mug with rows of gnarly teeth, and extra killer clown faces growing off the sides. Rounding out the look are oversized white gloves, a multicolor clown suit, and large ruffled collar. Simple add a pair of clown shoes and you're ready for a night of spreading fear across town. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or turn heads at the costume party with this shocking combo.

Costume includes Deluxe Massive Latex Mask with Four Faces, White, oversized, white vinyl clown gloves, ruffle collar and clown Suit. This is truly the Ultimate Clown Costume. (Shoes not Included) Clown Costume May Vary.