"Evil Clown - Red/Yellow" Halloween Costume

"Evil Clown - Red/Yellow" Costume

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What happens when a traveling circus crashes into a tanker truck full of toxic chemicals? Most of the animals and personnel are instantly killed in the collision and resulting fireball, but some emerge unhurt, yet covered in a chemical ooze. They start to notice weird changes in their bodies and minds. Their head grows and their eyes start to bulge out of their skulls. Soon, their previously amiable personalties are replaced by an unstoppable urge to torture and kill.

Whatever backstory you choose to run with, the Evil Clown Oversized Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is certain to turn heads while you trick or treat, or get down at the masquerade ball. This amazing full body suit features a red and yellow tunic, complete with a rainbow clown collar. Purple pants round out his creepy clown clothing.

This costume also features a hand detailed over the head mask with a bald white dome, tufts of red hair, and a permanently deranged mug. Latex hands offer a professional-quality look and decent dexterity. Add extra large shoes, or just wear a pair of black boots or comfy sneakers, the choice is up to you.

Includes tunic, pants, and collar, with oversized mask and hands.

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