12' "Evil Clown" Hanging Halloween Decoration

12' "Evil Clown" Hanging Halloween Decoration

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What happens to murderous killer clowns when they die? Do they simply cease to be? Do their souls rot in Hell, tortured eternally as punishment for their sins? Or do they return to the world of the living and continue to spread fear and terror across the globe. As you gape at this giant clown apparition towering over the demented big top, you've got your answer. It's just too hard to keep a good evil clown down.

The Hanging Evil Clown Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a 12 foot tall prop that will send shivers down the spines of your friends, family and guests. With a large, deranged clown face that features classic makeup, red nose, and bright orange hair, he's truly a ghastly sight to behold. Boney skeleton hands stretch out to his sides, while a long tattered red gauze robe makes him look large and menacing.

Create three rings of fright at your commercial haunted house attraction, set the scene for a creepy costume party with your friends, or entertain the neighborhood kids with a towering character they won't soon forget.