"Esmeralda The Wicked Witch" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Come, my pretty, follow Esmerelda The Wicked Witch deep in the dark and moldy forrest to her hidden lair, and meet your sad and agonizing end. She needs one more key ingredient for her powerful potion of newt eyes, snake tongues, rabbit blood and cow's bile. That missing item? Human flesh. You feel your insides slowly come to a boil as you swirl round and round in her simmering cauldron. Unable to control her hunger, Esmerelda takes a bite of your neck before you are even fully deceased.

This full sized, over the head, latex Halloween mask is designed and crafted by The Horror Dome. With stringy, cobweb-like hair, leathery, decaying skin, dark sunken eyes and a mouth full of rotting teeth, Esmerelda is truly a sight to behold. A dirty headscarf and a wrinkly neck round out her disgusting look.

Made to be durable and lifelike, you induce plenty of nightmares in the neighborhood children, year after year. Team up with your friends and terrorize the neighborhood as a wicked coven, party hard with other revelers at the morbid masquerade ball, or give goosebumps to passengers on that haunted hayride. Esmerelda is sure to make a lasting impression.

Esmeralda The Wicked Witch Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand painted and haired
  • Made out of Latex

Esmeralda the Wicked Witch is a collector halloween mask offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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