"Endtrails Zombie" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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This ramshackle fortress you must defend, or in a zombie's clutches, you'll meet your end. When the dead rise and attack the living, you better hope you're with tough friends you can count on, near a strategic, defensive position. The Endtrails Zombie and his crew won't easily be stopped. With an unquenchable bloodlust, they stalk the land in search of delicious and juicy human brains. One bit from this ferocious mouth and you'll join the ranks of the walking undead.

Featuring a bald head, encircled by stringy red hair, a slash through his right eye, and a beady yellow stare, this madman is sure to impress at the costume party. Gross teeth and a muscular, strong looking neck round out this horrific design.

Hand painted by talented artists at The Horror Dome, the Endtrails Zombie Halloween mask is a collector-quality design that will cause the neighborhood trick or treaters to shake in their boots. Perfect for terrorizing guests in a zombie infestation room in your haunted house, this full over the head style mask will provide a seamless look when worn with a tattered tee and bloodied blazer. Made from durable materials, you'll enjoy this creation year after year.

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