"End Trails Zombie Riser" HD Studios Graveyard Halloween Prop

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An ancient prophesy has come true, and the dead are again walking the Earth. Looks like your beautiful new home was built on top of a cemetery, because the End Trails Zombie is rising out of your front yard. Gashed open and dripping blood and guts, this grotesque figure struggles to pull his body up from the ground. Do you run outside to kill him or pack your things and bolt out the backdoor? Who knows how many others are buried on these grounds and ready to rise. The End Trails Zombie Riser Halloween decoration is a Hollywood-quality prop that is perfect for a haunted graveyard scene in your local burial ground, or a makeshift gravesite on your lawn. Hand painted by the truly inspired artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome, these petrifying props are dreadfully realistic. They'll be the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season. Welcome frightened trick or treaters with this bone-chilling monster.