"Elegant Witch - Black/Purple" Halloween Costume Hat

"Elegant Witch - Black/Purple" Halloween Costume Hat

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Where fair is foul, and foul is fair, you hover through fog and filthy air, and stumble into the witch's lair. Keep your wits about you when you travel through these woods at night. Rumor has it, these nocturnal occultists are hard at work. Cooking a vile potion to poison the town, summoning evil spirits from the netherworld, and casting curses on their enemies, these wicked witches would hate to be disturbed. Bump into these ghastly gals, and you may just find yourself in their stew.

The Elegant Witch Hat in black and purple is a classic pointy sorcerer's design, with a splash of color. An attractive alternative to the traditional all-black classic witch hat. Black clothing, an old broom, a little makeup and this pointy witch hat are all you need for an instantly recognizable sorceress costume. Wide-brimmed with a purple sash, silver buckle, and tall point, this product will make you the best-dressed conjurer at the coven.

Greet neighborhood trick or treaters on Halloween, guide guests through your haunted house, or produce your own version of the Scottish Play. Bring home a premium, one-size-fits-most witch hat today.