"Edwardian Banshee" Women's Halloween Costume

"Edwardian Banshee" Costume

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On the still moors at night, you can always seem to hear a faint keening coming from the distance. Legend has it, this is the Banshee; a supernatural being who always accompanies the Grim Reaper himself. Does she cry for those who are already lost, or is she a harbinger of tragedy yet to come? Chills run down your spine as you consider your own mortality, the fragility of life, and how close we all are to a one-way trip to the other side.

Create a stunning look with the Edwardian Banshee Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. Torn from the pages of legend, this classic ghoul is a classic companion of death in Irish folklore. While some believe her to be a supernatural representation of the act of mourning, others considered her cursed. This costume includes a long grey dress with flared cuffs, a large, vampire-style collar, and a large red belt. Wear it with the Edwardian Banshee wig from The Horror Dome, and a pair of black pumps for a look that's both alluring and darkly disturbing. One size fits most adult women.

Dress with jagged net detailing, long sleeve bolero jacket with tall collar, waist cincher with jagged netting skirt attached and matching collar. This costume is a women's small fitting sizes 4-6.