"Edward Scissorhands - Black" Halloween Costume Wig

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Who is this strange, shy character who dwells in the dark and foreboding abandoned castle overlooking our quaint neighborhood full of cookie-cutter, pastel houses? Stitched together by a mad scientist, this uncommon outcast has lived out his days in quiet solitude until a chance encounter with townsfolk opened his eyes to a whole new world.

Fans of the 1990 Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands will love this authentic-looking recreation of Johnny Depp's delightfully teased and messy hair. It will be the finishing touch on your Halloween costume, and make for an impressive addition to hall of macabre movie stars in your haunted house.

The Edward Scissorhands wig is crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, and designed for a shockingly realistic look. Friends and neighbors will think you swiped this primo prop right off a Hollywood lot. Perfect for any classic goth look, this wig is ideal for performing with your band (heavy on the Cure covers, please), or creating a number of spooky, yet oddly charming costumes. Dress as this iconic character, or come up with an entirely new role, with this professional-quality wig.