"Dream Reaper" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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When you're tucked into bed and about to doze off, keep your mind clear and stay pure in your thoughts, for if you fall asleep with even slight trepidation, the Dream Reaper will see that you never awaken. Think of sugar plums and sheep jumping fences and you'll wake up refreshed and invigorated. Let your mind be marred by jealousy, thoughts of betrayal or lust for revenge, and this nocturnal nuisance will enter your dream and steal your soul.

A daunting mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, eel-like tentacles slithering out of his mouth, and eyes blacker than a bottomless pit give this collector-quality mask an unforgettable look. From a macabre masquerade to an indie slasher flick, this character will be a star.

The Dream Reaper collector Halloween mask is a nightmare-inducing design crafted by demented artists at The Horror Dome. Hand painted for maximum detail and made from premium materials, the result is a shockingly lifelike look that will have the local trick or treaters shaking in their boots. Chase down that haunted hayride, freak out friends and neighbors, or add this murderous mug to your collection of ghoulish goods. Bring home a unique creation today.

Photos have been taken in a studio with lighting effects. Photo displayed is darker than the mask in real life.åÊ

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