"Dr. Killjoy" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Dr. Killjoy" Costume (Adult Size)

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Bad news for you; the doctor is in. Get reading for a painful physical exam that will involve slicing, dicing, injections of pain-inducing serums, and poking and prodding where the sun don't shine. Doctor Killjoy has pretty awful online reviews, but he's the only physician in town who takes your insurance. Prepare yourself for a doctor's visit that you won't soon forget. Just be happy this bad-tempered quack doesn't make house calls.

Create an amazing character for Halloween with the Doctor Killjoy costume from The Horror Dome. This full set contains a long, blood stained lab coat, latex gloves and a classic surgical face mask, along with an oversized syringe that appears to fill up with blood as the plunger is drawn. Whether you're teaming up with friends to terrorize the neighborhood as staff from an occult-worshipping OR, or going stag to a bumping costume party, you'll find this ghastly Dr. Feel-Bad leaves quite the impression.

For many people, medicine is downright scary stuff. Play off this common phobia with an evil doctor costume. There's nothing more cringe-inducing than the thought of complicated surgery gone wrong.

One size fits most adults.