"Disembodied" Halloween Illusion Plans

"Disembodied" Halloween Illusion Plans

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In a ghastly industrial accident, Lunchpail Larry lost his head, but managed to keep his wits about him. No one knows when this traumatic decapitation didn't kill the old bloke, but now he lives happily as a body-less noggin who loves to crack jokes and share a good laugh with strangers. Get in line and ask him a question, he's always grateful for the attention.

With Disembodied Illusion plans from The Horror Dome, you'll have the secret to this classic magic trick. Highly-detailed blueprints feature everything from a physical description of how to pull off the illusion and a list of materials needed, as well as notes on performance and set design. A great trick to add to any professional magician's repertoire, this illusion is also perfect for freak shows, or welcoming guests into your haunted house attraction.

The finest blueprints available make it easier than ever to create this shocking illusion. Scream in pain or philosophize about the meaning of life. Play the disembodied character as a supernatural being, a miracle of modern medicine, or a cursed soul soul who is damned to spend eternity without a body.