"Demon Vampire" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Sentenced by an ancient curse to an eternity of bloodlust and violence, the Demon Vampire is a classic example of the unholy living undead. When the sun goes down, he emerges from his coffin and searches the countryside for a meal. Raccoons, deer, or livestock from a nearby farm? They make a tasty snack, but only the sweet red blood of a human will quench his appetite for the evening.

The Demon Vampire Collector Halloween Mask from The Horror Dome features blood-filled bulbous eyes sunken into a monstrous mug. A grotesque mouth includes oversized fangs that are perfect for taking a bite out of his victim. Pointy, devilish ears are sensitive enough to detect a mammal's heartbeat at great distance. Covered in pale pinkish-grey skin, he dreads the light of day.

Hand painted for maximum realism, this collector-quality Halloween mask makes for an unforgettable costume. Entertain guests at the macabre masquerade, or create an adaptable character for a professional haunted house. Wear it around town, or display it with your collection of ghoulish goods. Manufactured from choice materials, these twisted designs are made to last. Enjoy an over the head fit for a seamless look when worn with a jacket or cloak.

Demon Vampire Features:

  • Over the head, collector halloween mask
  • Wrinkly skin, giant teeth, and bloodshot eyes
  • Designed and Created in the US by the Horror Dome

The demon vampire mask is a collector halloween mask designed and created by the experts at the Horror Dome!

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