"Demon / Dark Priest" Halloween Costume Robe

"Demon / Dark Priest" Robe

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Word has it, wicked rituals are carried out by deranged, Satanic priests in these woods on the 13th of each month. No worries, you think to yourself, this is your last day camping and it's only the 12th. You doze off thinking nothing of it. Suddenly, at midnight, you're awoken by an awful shrill shriek. You grab your flashlight and peer out of your tent. Everything looks normal, except for a trail of thick, viscous blood.

Create an amazing character with the Demon Robe Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. Fitting most adults up to a size 44 men's, this costume comes complete with a hood, capelet, crushed velvet robe, and belt. Add some makeup and a pentagram or cross pendant, and you're all set for a night of casting dark spells or trick or treating with the family. The Demon Robe is also great for playing a wizard or priest at a ren faire or LARPing event.

Add a new story about occult rituals to your professional haunted house attraction, or turn heads at the costume party with this incredible design. Put a curse on your enemies today.

Costume includes Hood with attached capelet, crushed velvet robe and belt. Add a mask and you will have a great Costume. One size fits most adults up to 44 Jacket Size.