"Deluxe Fogger with Remote" Special Effects Machine

"Deluxe Fogger with Remote" Special Effects Machine

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Down in the depths of the long-abandoned dungeon, a thick fog covers the cold stone floor. This dank mist obscures your sight. You wonder if snakes, rats, or something even more grotesque is slithering by your feet. As you pass shackles on the walls and rusty old torture devices, you wonder about the depraved acts that took place down here. Did these victims ever make it to the afterlife, or are their souls still prisoners of this wicked dungeon.

Create a creepy mist effect with the Deluxe Fogger from The Horror Dome. This easy to use machine features a remote control, which allows you to fire off a puff of fog at exactly the right moment. Whether you're running a professional haunted house, operating a music venue, or DJ'ing parties on the side, you'll find this amazing fog machine can really add to the atmosphere. A powerful device, this fogger can unleash a massive cloud of fog in an instant. Pair it with lighting effects and craft a surreal environment that will have your visitors questioning their senses. Sometimes there's nothing more frightening than what you can't see.

Includes remote. Requires fog fluid not included.