"Decayed Zombie" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Killed in an accident while chopping down lumber, this old slob rested in eternal slumber, until a spell was cast promising fear and dread, and he rose from the grave as the living undead. If you hear faint wheezing in the distance and smell a foul odor on the breeze, get ready to run, for these are telltale signs that a Decayed Zombie is nearby. Motivated only by an insatiable appetite for human flesh, this deformed demon walks the land in search of his next meal. Win first prize at the costume contest with the Decayed Zombie from The Horror Dome. This Halloween costume is hand detailed for a movie-quality look that will make the neighbors think a zombie invasion has really began. Featuring a mask with attached chest plate, a torn up shirt, and gruesome hands, your terrified guests won't notice any seams whatsoever, as you stumble towards them, moaning about juicy and tender brains.

One Size Fits Most up to 210Lbs, costume comes with Studio Quality Mask with attached Chest and Studio Hands. All Hand Painted and Haired for the most Realistic Look Possible. You Wear your own Clothes for a sure fit.