"Dark Zombie" Halloween Mask

"Dark Zombie" Mask

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Awakened from a peaceful slumber by a wicked curse, the Dark Zombie is ticked off and ready to take it out on anyone who crosses his path. Death has not been kind to this murderous brute. You can smell his disgusting reek drifting up from the street below. Better lock the doors, close the windows, and turn off the lights. Don't make a noise until you're certain this undead hunter has moved on.

Create an amazing costume with the pro-quality Dark Zombie Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. This impressive mask is an all-latex, over the head design. It'll provide a seamless look when worn with a shirt or jacket. Grey decayed skin is torn away to reveal a mouth full of still-sharp teeth and a spot of skull. Long spurts of white hair drape down from his dome, and pointy ears and sunken eyes add to the terrifying look. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, freak out the local kids on Halloween, or get down on the dance floor at that bumping costume party. The Dark Zombie mask is certain to turn heads.