"Custom Character" Animatronic Fortune Teller Machine

"Custom Character" Animatronic Fortune Teller Machine

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As you stumble off a hair-raising rollercoaster, you scan the scene for your next cheap thrill. In the back, dimly lit corner of carnival, you spy a house of occult oddities. As you enter you are become transfixed on a coin operated fortune telling machine. Ignoring warning signs posted all around, you plop a quarter in the slot and prepare to learn your future. The old machine comes to life and whispers a tragic fate into your ear. These things are just for fun, right? Fortune Teller Machine Halloween animatronics from The Horror Dome can be crafted in a range of designs and play back prerecorded or custom messages. They accept coins or dollar bills, and are an excellent way to entertain guests waiting to enter your haunted house or attract interest to your place of business. Let us know what you want, and we can make it for you.

Eight minute digital audio unit allows for 16 thirty second messages or 8 one minute messages. Average size is 27" width, 25" depth, 77" height and approximately 250 pounds.