"Curly Clown - Red Afro" Halloween Wig

"Curly Clown - Red Afro" Halloween Wig

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If you're looking for a fantastic wig on a budget, check out the Curly Clown red wig from The Horror Dome. Are you planning a classic clown costume that will send your coulrophobic friends running for the hills? Perhaps you're staging a demented Big Top at your haunted house, where the circus clowns drag unsuspecting audience members into the ring to meet a painful demise. With affordable low prices, you can outfit an entire troupe of jesters with these Hollywood-quality, lifelike wigs. Pair with a red nose and traditional clown make up, and you're ready to start entertaining.

Red afro-style clown wigs from The Horror Dome are created by experienced crafts people, and made from only premium materials. You'll get years of use out of these well-made accessories. Want to turn heads the next costume party? Dress as a 70s roller derby star or tennis player with a retro headband around this bright red wig. From school plays to masquerade balls, with a little imagination, you'll find plenty of opportunities to wear these vivid creations. Load into the clown car in style with striking red curly hair.