"Cupid Kit w/ Bow, Arrow and Wings" Halloween Costume Accessories

"Cupid Kit w/ Bow, Arrow and Wings" Halloween Costume Accessories

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As you mingle with friends at this year's masquerade ball, you suddenly notice a tall dark stranger standing in the corner. Dapper, distinguished, and strikingly handsome, you simply must know his name. You walk up and introduce yourself and are instantly enamored. It seems you have been struck by Cupid's arrow.

The Cupid's kit accessories from The Horror Dome are must-have essentials for any matchmaker. With this set you'll have red feather angel wings, and a cute bow and arrow prop. Add these playful items to any white or red dress for a captivating look that will turn heads at the costume party. Also perfect for wear at that Valentine's Day bash, this angelic archer will be a great conversation starter. Who knows? You may even get struck by Cupid's arrow yourself.

The ideal costume for those who are known as matchmakers amongst their friends, this fun and flirty character will be the life of the party. You'll find that everyone is asking you to strike their major crush, or find them an attractive mate. Just make sure you aim carefully.

Feather wings and plush bow and arrow in red. One size.