"Crystal Ball" Animated Haunted House Prop

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In the back corner of a dusty curiosity shop in the bad part of town, you notice a Crystal Ball for a suspiciously low price. The shopkeep warns you about the dangers of the occult, but you don't listen, it's all hogwash anyway, right? Upon returning home, you place the item on your coffee table, and ask it a question about the future. To your surprise, it responds in cackling gibberish. Is this a spell or curse, or just madness? You grow uneasy and realize you've made a mistake. The Animated Crystal Ball Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an interactive prop that's great for entertaining guests in your haunted house or costume party. Sound activated, this demonic skull lights up and appears to float as it makes spooky sounds. Hand crafted for an authentic look, this Crystal Ball will make an outstanding centerpiece for decadent dinner with your impish friends.