"Creeton Resurrection" Alien Halloween Mask

"Creeton Resurrection" Mask

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Take me to your leader! The Creeton Resurrection alien is scouting out planet Earth for an upcoming invasion. His tasks? Perform painful experiments on innocent victims to learn humankind's weaknesses before the final interplanetary assault begins. He can paralyze his subjects using only his thoughts, poke and prod them, and erase their memories before returning them to their beds. Once the Creeton's research is complete, it's curtains for Earth.

A hand-detailed, over the head latex design, the Creeton Resurrection mask will add big-budget looks to your indie alien flick. Ideal for an extraterrestrial scene in a professional haunted house, or an amateur alien autopsy video, this fantastic creation will also make a great Halloween costume, or addition to your collection of horror and sci-fi gear.

This otherworldly brute features an oversized, bulbous skull, focused, beady eyes, a pointy nose, and dark grey colored skin. Wear with a lab coat for the perfect ET mad scientist look. This amazing character can also double as a demon or vampire. Turn heads at the costume party, freak out your neighbors or stage a Roswell crash 2.0 with this versatile mask.