"Creepy Old Man" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Born a century ago to shiftless drifters, this old chump grew up lying and cheating his way through life. If the rumors are true, he's made more than a few deals with the Devil in his day. When a kid hits a baseball into his backyard, they know not to go knocking on his door. With a weed covered front yard and junk mail piled up on a dilapidated porch, you might figure he was long dead if not for the constant coughing and wheezing that emanates from his abode. The Creepy Old Man Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is an incredibly versatile design that can be used to create a number of engaging characters. Whether he's a hobo who wouldn't hesitate to shank you when you turn your back, a practitioner of the dark arts, or anything else is up to you. Hand painted and detailed for maximum realist, this latex creation will turn heads at the next costume party.

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