"Creepy Netting - 4x6 Feet" Haunted House Decoration

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Something is awry in the library. One of these books doesn't seem to fit. As you reach out and pull on it, a secret passageway opens up. Curious, you decided to venture down the stone steps into the darkness with only your phone's flashlight to guide your way. At the bottom of the stairs you make a shocking discover; a torture chamber filled with howling, screaming victims. Trapped under thick netting, these poor souls cry out for help. Should you free them and risk exposing yourself, or slink away back to the dinner party?

Create an eerie scene at your costume party, spooky cocktail hour, or commercial haunted house attraction with the Creepy Netting Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This 4' x 6' patch of netting is big enough to cover crates of mysterious cargo, captured trolls or evil elves, and also looks amazing hung up on any wall. Made from cloth, it can help you craft the perfect backdrop for a scene in your indie movie, and can add to the weirdness of your front porch decorations on Halloween night. Get the details just right, and give your guests an unforgettable fright.