"Creep Out" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Suddenly, one of your dinner guests bolts up from the table, clutches his stomach and moans in agony. Was it funky fish, undercooked chicken, perhaps spoiled cream in his coffee causing intestinal distress? As you stand to offer assistance, you discover the true culprit. A festering parasite has outgrown his host, and is about to burst free. Creep Out tears open his victims mouth and slithers away, leaving nothing but a limp, lifeless corpse, flung thoughtlessly on the dining room floor.

A grotesque green monster with pupil-less beady eyes plies open his host's mouth, and attempts to leave the dying body behind. In the victim's eyes, you can see horrified shock and petrified pain as their jaws are dislocated and pushed aside.

This cinema-quality Halloween mask is a unique creation by the devilish designers at The Horror Dome. Hand painted and haired for maximum effect, the Creep Out mask makes an unforgettable Halloween costume and an eye-catching addition to any bone-chilling collection of ghoulish artifacts. This over the head mask features shoulder and chest coverage for a seamless look when you wear a shirt or jacket. Freak out the neighborhood today, with an impressive Creep Out mask.

Creep Out Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Made out of High Quality Latex
  • Hand laid hair and hand painted

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