"Creature Reacher - Shady Slim" Zombie Halloween Costume

"Creature Reacher - Shady Slim" Costume

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Shady Slim belongs in the world of the dead, but somehow, he snuck into the land of the living. Once captured by brave monster hunters, this diabolical demon was chained up in a cellar for decades. Eventually his chains rusted just enough for him to break free. He tortured and strangled his captors, and fled the estate. Now he lurks in the back alleys of town, waiting for a chance to pounce on an unsuspecting victim.

The Shady Slim Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a truly unique design, that will absolutely freak out anyone who crosses its path. This shockingly realistic hand painted design features a huge mask complete with top hat, oversized hands, and a black tunic. Slim has dead-looking bloodshot eyes, wiry grey hair, and a large menacing mouth with a long purple tongue. Add a new character to your professional haunted house attraction, scare the socks off the local kids at the spooky hayride, or turn heads at the costume party. Hand detailed by talented artists, this costume deserves a place in any collection of macabre merchandise and haunt industry memorabilia