"Creature Reacher - Grand Reaper" Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Creature Reacher - Grand Reaper" Costume (Adult Size)

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Out of the corner of your eye you spot his dark robe. No, you think, it can't be my time. You cross the street and nervously look back over your shoulder. You see him staring at you, then all of a sudden disappear. Run, hide, or try to make a deal? It doesn't matter really. Once the Grand Reaper has his sights set on you, you're through.

The Grand Reaper Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a high-quality design that is popular at theme parks and professional haunted house attractions. Whether you're running a business or just looking to take home first prize in a costume contest at the local pub, you'll find this spine-tingling character will leave a lasting impression on everyone who crosses his path.

With a hand detailed latex mask, long dark robe, oversized latex hands with sharp, molding looking fingernails, and a creepy waist sash, this costume is a full body set, right out of the box. Stalk the land looking for your next victim, or help lost souls find their place in the afterlife with this fantastic grim reaper costume.