"Creature Reacher - Giggles the Clown" Halloween Costume

"Creature Reacher - Giggles the Clown" Costume

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Be careful boys and girls, the twisted big top has come to town. During the day children delight at the clowns' playful gags, but at night, these devious jesters are on the hunt. Led by Giggles, this band of creepy clowns kidnaps youngsters out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night. When they awake, they find themselves chained to the wall in a dark, dank cell. Soon, they will be nutritious food for the lions.

The Giggles Halloween costume from The Horror Dome will freak out your neighbors and send your coulrophobic friends running for the hills. This amazing scary clown costume set features an oversized latex clown mask, complete with pale white makeup-covered skin and fiery red hair. A classic ruffled collar covers your neck, and a traditional clown shirt drapes over your body. Arm extenders and massive hands round out the look. In one hand, he holds an oversized prop toy gun.

Create a disturbing new character for your haunted house's possessed circus scene, or treat the neighborhood kids to the fright of their lives on Halloween. Giggles the Clown is certain to strike fear into the hearts of all the unlucky children and adults who cross his path.

Costume includes Deluxe Massive Latex Mask, Arm/Hand Extensions, ruffle collar and clown shirt.