"Corpse Extender" Skeleton Halloween Animatronic

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A great prop for an area that you want a prop to fly out at your viewers from a hole, under a table or similar low area. When activated the corpse extends 5 towards your viewers on a heavy-duty scissor mechanism and sprays them with a mist of air/water (up to 10) with our optional Standard Spitter Mechanism. Requires stable mounting surface. Size 40 x 22 x 30

Includes a Fright Ideas BooBox Controller with Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) and all wiring completed & tested prior to shipping.

Optional Spitter available at an additional charge.
Comes stock in our natural Zombie finish. Available in our Blood or Slime finishes at an additional charge.
Requires 110V power and 100-120 psi air.