"Clown Shoes - Yellow/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Clown Shoes - Yellow/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Nothing says "fun" like a clown at a child's birthday party. With a ton of great games to play, the kids will spend all afternoon laughing and having a grand old time. Dress up as a lovable jester and make some extra dough as a birthday clown, or just give your own children an unforgettable experience. You'll need a clown suit, a good amount of makeup, a red rubber nose, a brightly colored wig, and of course, oversized Clown Shoes.

Put the finishing touches on your outfit with the Yellow Plastic Clown Shoes from The Horror Dome. These durable designs are made to fit around your normal footwear. One size fits most adults, they are a must-have accessory for any serious clown. The feature rainbow shoelaces for a little burst of contrasting color. Want to take your clown look to the dark side? Whether you're playing a friendly fellow, or a murderous psycho killer, these oversized plastic shoes are essential. Add a fearsome new character to the deranged big top scene in your commercial haunted house attraction, or freak out your coulrophobic friends on Halloween.

16 inches long, yellow. One size fits most adults.