"Clown Shoes - Red/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Clown Shoes - Red/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Whether you're starting a second career as an entertainer at children's birthday parties, or constructing a creepy serial killer costume for Halloween, you'll need a pair of oversized Clown Shoes. Work on your face-painting and balloon animal skills, and perfect your aim with the seltzer spray and banana cream pie. Along with a good clown suit, a brightly colored wig, and some makeup, these shoes will have you looking like you came into town with the traveling circus.

Red plastic Clown Shoes from The Horror Dome are must-have costume accessories for a variety of looks. From the sad hobo clown to the goofy and amiable jester who's never had a down day in his life, these durable shoes will do the trick. Designed to fit over your normal footwear, these brilliant accessories are one size fits most adults. Rainbow shoelaces add a burst on contrast to these solid colored designs. Add a murderous clown character to your professional haunted house or make your kid's birthday party one to remember. Don't go clowning around with a new pair of kicks from The Horror Dome.

16 inches long, red. One size fits most adults.