"Clown Shoes - Black/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Clown Shoes - Black/Plastic" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Hey kiddies, it's time to clown around! Goofy, gregarious, often gullible, and sometimes ghastly, clowns can be everything from friendly jokesters, to murderous serial killers. There are a few things all clowns have in common though; vivid makeup, red noses, brightly colored hair, rainbow jackets, and a fondness for oversized footwear. Whether you're looking to create the perfect murderous Bozo look for trick or treating, or seeking a great clown costume for entertaining kids at a child's birthday party, you absolutely need a pair of giant shoes.

These premium Clown Shoes from The Horror Dome are made from durable black plastic. One size fits all, they're designed to slip over your normal shoes. The result is a comfortable fit, that looks just right. Rainbow shoelaces put add a little burst of color to these black designs. Add them to any clown costume to complete your look. Make balloon animals for the kiddies, paint faces and spread cheer, or wear them with a psycho clown costume from The Horror Dome, and give your friends, family, and neighbors nightmares for weeks to come. The choice is up to you.

16 inches long, black. One size fits most adults.