"Clown - Rainbow Afro" Mega Halloween Wig

"Clown - Rainbow Afro" Mega Halloween Wig

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From a children's birthday party to the nightmares of a coulrophobic adult, clowns have a special place in our hearts, and sometimes, fears. These brightly colored jesters have an array of talents. Clowns are incredible at crafting balloon animals, squeezing into small cars, and throwing pies in your face. Some of them are also adept at kidnapping and murder. What kind of clown have you invited to the party?

The Clown Mega wig from The Horror Dome is an unforgettable costume accessory that will grab the attention of everyone at the masquerade ball. This extra large, rainbow striped afro is perfect for entertaining kids, or crafting a fun character for Halloween. Wear it with traditional clown makeup an a red nose for an iconic, affable bozo look, or let your macabre imagination take over and create a bone-chilling killer clown costume.

However you choose to wear it, this premium-quality wig won't disappoint. Set up a twisted big top scene in your haunted house and watch visitors recoil in fear at three rings of terror, or great young trick or treaters on your porch and hand out delicious candy.