"Clown - Neon Dotted" Value Halloween Costume

"Clown - Neon Dotted" Costume

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Joining a clown troupe, but unsure of what to wear? Fashion is important, even for these goofy jokesters. Choose a look that's different with the Clown Neon Dotted Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This fantastic design features a black jumpsuit covered in neon-colored polka dots, a large yellow clown collar, and a matching hat, complete with yellow pompom. These well-made clown jumpsuits fit most men sizes 42-50. Dress as a clown and paint faces at a child's birthday party. The kids will never forget your balloon animals and the classic pie in the face gags.

Do you want to take the costume in a darker direction? The Neon Dotted Clown suit is perfect for a number of absolutely terrifying murderous clown costumes. Simply add some oversized clown shoes, a little fake blood, and a creepy mask from The Horror Dome. Entertain kids and earn a little cash on the side. Create a family-friendly character for trick or treating with your crew, or craft a ghastly look that will win you first prize in the scary costume contest. However you choose to wear it, you'll appreciate the fit and quality of this jumpsuit.

Includes bright yellow collar and matching hat topped with a pom-pom. Full figure size fits men's 42-50.