"Clown" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 60"

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There's something about being ridiculed for hours a day, year after year, that finally gets to a clown. When they eventually snap, and start displaying aggressive, antisocial behavior, their handlers usually take them behind the big top and shoot them. Of course, every now and then one of them escapes. Word is a Killer Clown is on the loose in your neighborhood. Don't let their brightly colored hair and balloon animal skills fool you; they are pure evil.

Create a freaky demented big top scene with the Hanging Clown Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This life size, 60" hanging prop features a classic psycho clown head, complete with jets of bright hair, pale white face, and colorful makeup. Blue plastic hands attach to posable arms, making it easy to customize this beast’s pose. A long black and white clown robe is draped over his wicked shoulders. Upgrade your haunted house attraction with a murderous clown room, or decorate your home and terrify trick or treaters on Halloween. Add a strobe, fan, and fog effect for maximum impact.