"Clown" Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Clown" Costume (Adult Size)

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It wouldn't be a birthday party without this bumbling bozo making a few balloon animals and pulling a few classic gags. From a pretty flower that squirts water at an unsuspecting victim, to the trusty pie-in-the-face prank, these jolly jesters are often the life of the party. Give both kids and adults an unforgettable experience with this charismatic character.

With the adult sized Clown Costume from The Horror Dome, you'll have the apparel you need to get started as a clown for hire, or a great getup for entertaining your family. Featuring a matching hat and jumpsuit, this one-size-fits-most design is made from quality materials. Simply add a pair of oversized shoes, a frizzy wig of your choosing and some white gloves, and you're ready to start clowning around. Apply traditional clown makeup, or just rock the traditional red nose, the choice is yours.

Want to take your clown in a darker direction? These costumes are also great with a killer clown mask from The Horror Dome. Complete a murderous, yet delightfully comedic, outfit with this versatile jumpsuit, fake blood, and the right props.

Hat and jumpsuit with neck ruffle. One size fits most adults.