"Clown - 7 Color Rainbow" Halloween Wig

"Clown - 7 Color Rainbow" Halloween Wig

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Everybody loves a clown (unless, of course, you're deathly afraid of them). Entertain children at a birthday party or special event, goof around with adults, or create a dark and disturbing Halloween costume with the 7 Color Clown wig from The Horror Dome. Perfect your balloon animal making, face painting, bowling ball juggling, clown car driving, and pie throwing skills, and get ready to delight any audience with this eye-catching wig. Or, take things in a decidedly macabre direction with menacing makeup, fake blood, and a few props, and you'll be sending your coulrophobic friends running into the hills.

This premium clown wig is a classic rainbow afro design. Manufactured from choice materials, this lightweight wig offers a comfortable fit, and is extremely durable. From party to party, season to season, this fantastic design will look amazing.

Make some money on the side as a clown-for-hire, or add a demented big top's worth of psycho clowns to your haunted house. Pair with some classic clown makeup for an easy Halloween costume, or go all out with oversized shoes and a full bodysuit. This jolly jokester will be a surefire hit.