"Clawing Cathy" Electric Animated Zombie Halloween Prop

"Clawing Cathy" Electric Animated Zombie Halloween Prop

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Cursed Clawing Cathy climbs from her shallow grave, lusting for fresh human brains. Who knows what unfortunate calamity struck this poor soul. Unable to rest peacefully in the afterlife, Cathy truly suffers a fate more awful than death. She moans in eternal agony as she struggles with every last bit of strength to reach her victim. Crawling along the ground of floor, she will not stop until she gets a mouthful of bloody meat. With glowing and a blood-curdling screech, this animated Halloween decoration is a must-have for any haunted house or ghoulish display. Featuring a built-in motor, Cathy can be positioned to look like she's emerging from a grave, or trying desperately to move down a hallway. Brilliantly crafted by experts at The Horror Dome, this sturdy animatronic zombie will take a frightening experience to the next level. Horrify the neighborhood trick or treaters with this grotesque, movie-quality prop.

Clawing Cathy Features:

  • Head and hands made of rigid PVC
  • Light up eyes and sounds with moving head and mouth
  • Functions include Steady-On, Try-Me, and Sensor Mode

Clawing Cathy is an animated Halloween decoration offered by the experts at the Horror Dome. Great for your next halloween gathering!