"Classic Elf Hat - Green Stripe" Costume Accessory

"Classic Elf Hat - Green Stripe" Costume Accessory

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It's said this dark and dense forest is inhabited by strange, humanoid beings that often possess supernatural powers. A distant relative of humankind? A species that evolved side-by-side with our ancestors, or a mystical sect of creatures that exist half in our world, and half in the spirit world. Watch your back in these woods. Though most Elves are amiable, some are known to be devious tricksters.

Whether you're putting together an enchanted forest theme for your haunted house or ren faire, creating an amazing Halloween costume, or playing one of Santa's little helpers this Christmas, you'll find the Elf hat in green from The Horror Dome is the ideal cap. This classic green elf-stye hat is a typical medieval design and feature eye-catching strips running from front to back.

From Santa's workshop to Sherwood Forest, this handsome headwear will help you set the scene. A one size fits most garment, it's easy to craft a unique costume with this fantastic headwear. Go as Link, Robin Hood, or an evil elf looking to con weary travelers out of their fortunes, and soul, with this versatile hat.

One size fits most adults.