"Child's Play - Chucky" Halloween Mask

"Child's Play - Chucky" Mask

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Some toys are just a little too lifelike. This possessed plaything has an appetite for violence that can't be satisfied. At first you might think he's a harmless little plaything, till you realize there's been no batteries in his compartment this whole time. Animated by an occult curse, this pint size terror is on a quest for revenge. If you're smart, you'll stay out of his path.

The Chucky Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is an instantly recognizable design that will impress fans of the classic slasher film, Child's Play. An over the head, latex design, this mask will provide a seamless, professional look when worn with a shirt or jacket. Crafted by experienced artists for maximum realism, this creation is truly Hollywood-quality. Featuring a knifed-up face, with a menacing grin and beady blue eyes, this doll mask is sure to induce nightmares in all who cross your path.

Add a familiar character to your haunted house attraction, create an amazing Halloween costume, or freak out your unsuspecting roommate. Add some oversized children's clothes to complete the look. Terrorize your neighborhood dressed as this terrible toddler.

Full over-the-head latex mask, individually hand painted with hair attached.