"Checkered Mohawk Punk" Halloween Wig

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In the future, bands of lawless cyberpunks will run the world with their in depth knowledge of technology and their complete lack of morals or ethics. In this technocratic kleptocracy, everything is fair game. These careless hackers head bang hard, steal at will, and kill for pleasure. Marked by their bright Checkered Mohawks, these hell-raising youngsters live fast and die young. Mind your business, don't make eye contact, and try to avoid getting tangled up in their affairs.

Whether you're creating a head-turning look for the next costume party, getting down in the mosh pit, or shooting a music video, the Checkered Mohawk wig from The Horror Dome will help you create a gnarly and memorable character. This top-quality wig features a black, purple and bright blue mohawk with a shaved, checkered side, and long blue side burns. One size fits most, this unique design will be a hit at the next masquerade ball.

Set up a scene in your haunted house of street dwelling ruffians with this eye-catching punk as their leader, or wear a leather jacket, torn jeans, and plenty of safety pins, and trick or treat around you neighborhood. However you choose to wear it, this wig won't disappoint.