"Cerebus the Demented Troll" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Always down to party, especially when human flesh is on the menu, Cerebus is an evil half-elf with an appetite for fresh meat. This eerily enchanted reveler is drunk on blood and thirsting for more. Gather around the campfire and be merry as the smell of delicious death surrounds you. Raise your stein in a demonic toast that curses all those who inhabit the surrounding countryside. No animal, large or small, is safe from his terrible wrath.

Cerebus Halloween masks are Horror Dome originals. This festive, fiendish fellow boasts highly detailed features. A wicked, witch-like nose, pointy demonic devil ears, and a bald spiny skull, make him truly a sight to behold. From the underside of a cursed bridge to an unholy game of cards where your life is your ante, he's a one of a kind character that will be fun to play.

Hand painted for an incredibly lifelike look, this unique creation is collector worthy and nightmare inducing. Add one to your selection of macabre merchandise, or wear one as you terrorize guests in your haunted house. With an intense, aggressive stare, blotchy skin and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, this brutish goon will leave a lasting impression on those unlucky enough to cross his path.

Cerebus Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand painted for extra detail
  • One size fits all

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